sábado, 30 de junio de 2012

This is my first blog, and honestly I never thought I would have one.I've never had fotolog, or any of this type of stuff, because I don’t like telling my thinking to people I don’t know. But this experience was different, because it was obligatory, haha. It wasn’t that terrible as I thought , I even enjoy writing some entries! And also reading what my classmates wrote is very entertaining. 

However I think was a nice experience. 
And now, If I think I improve my English…mm.. I´m not sure but maybe I did.

I know I've exercised my writing, and thinking on English (even surely it's not perfect). I think that the blogs are a good way to learn English because you have to write, and look up some words on the dictionary. 
And you can also read and post on your classmates's blog, and always in English! haha. 

I think that it's a very complete way of learning English. This are the advantages of blogging, It've helped me to improve my English.

However I think that we would have at the request of correct our mistakes, like other instance of learning. Because I think if you don’t correct yours mistakes, you can repeat them! Finally I recognize that a disadvantage of blogging it's that some topics are kind of bored…. but not all of them. 

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