jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012

Some years ago my biggest dream was go to Italy.  I and my cousin wanted go to live in this country, study there and make our life. Today, I still want to go there, but first I want to visit my own country, Chile. I want to visit the north, and travel around it. I feel that is more important know the own country, like “start at home”.
I want to go to the north of Chile, like Atacama, San Pedro and look around the beauty of the Chilean landscape. My father, when was a little boy, lived in the south of Chile, in Los Angeles.  And at Holydays, I and my family go there (to the field, with my cousins and friends). In my life, I gone around many different cities and I really love the vegetation, and the lakes, even the people. For this reason I visited a little more the south than the north, but even so I want to go across all my country. I want it just a visiting, and in the future I want to live en Chiloe.

Of course that if I could go to Italy, this will be a beautiful and amazing travel, and it make me very happy, because it is a dream that I still want.           

jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012

I live in..

I love this photo. It was taken by my friend Jorge Chacon, in February of 2012.
I like it because it shows the magic of Chiloe. In this photo are the typical “palafitos” of this place. I love the form of the homes, color of the trees and all the thing that you can see. My friend took it when we just arrived to Chiloe, of holydays. All in this island is beautiful like this photo, the nature and the people; they have something to make it different and lovely (flowers and birds, are beautiful too). In Chiloe all of the houses are of different colors, and it was done of wood.

 After this trip I want to live in this place. In some years more I will go to Chiloe, to live in a little yellow house. This photo represents the magic of the south, the tranquility and peace that it can give you.  

jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012

I don’t see a lot of TV, but when I see Dr House I can’t stop seeing it. It`s a really strange phenomenon. Honestly I’m not a fanatic because; I have not seen all the chapters or seasons.
This TV show is about a Doctor who is a very special man. I think that all of you have seen it some time, and know the story (in a hospital with patients who have strange illnesses).
Honestly I don’t know why I see it, but maybe because the personality of Dr House makes me have fun. All time you are waiting for what he will say or do. Sometimes I spend some hours seeing it and I don’t realize.  One of the things that I like of Dr House is that it is realistic but creative at the same time.
Finally I have to recognize that I don’t know when it is on.
I see it only by chance.