jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012

I live in..

I love this photo. It was taken by my friend Jorge Chacon, in February of 2012.
I like it because it shows the magic of Chiloe. In this photo are the typical “palafitos” of this place. I love the form of the homes, color of the trees and all the thing that you can see. My friend took it when we just arrived to Chiloe, of holydays. All in this island is beautiful like this photo, the nature and the people; they have something to make it different and lovely (flowers and birds, are beautiful too). In Chiloe all of the houses are of different colors, and it was done of wood.

 After this trip I want to live in this place. In some years more I will go to Chiloe, to live in a little yellow house. This photo represents the magic of the south, the tranquility and peace that it can give you.  

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