jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012

Some years ago my biggest dream was go to Italy.  I and my cousin wanted go to live in this country, study there and make our life. Today, I still want to go there, but first I want to visit my own country, Chile. I want to visit the north, and travel around it. I feel that is more important know the own country, like “start at home”.
I want to go to the north of Chile, like Atacama, San Pedro and look around the beauty of the Chilean landscape. My father, when was a little boy, lived in the south of Chile, in Los Angeles.  And at Holydays, I and my family go there (to the field, with my cousins and friends). In my life, I gone around many different cities and I really love the vegetation, and the lakes, even the people. For this reason I visited a little more the south than the north, but even so I want to go across all my country. I want it just a visiting, and in the future I want to live en Chiloe.

Of course that if I could go to Italy, this will be a beautiful and amazing travel, and it make me very happy, because it is a dream that I still want.           

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