jueves, 21 de junio de 2012


I haven't favorite season, but I prefer the spring, but not because the colors of flowers or the romantic things… I prefer spring because it’s not extremely could, and not so hot.  I like spring too, because when I go to the zoo all of the animals have new babies, and they are cute! My favorites are the giraffe, and monkeys.  I like the spring, because is various, and this is entertaining.
Also, I like the rain and go out to walk, I like the winter (the rainy season) for this reason, but it’s so cold and this is unpleasant! I think that the weather in Chiloe it’s very well, because there are raining, and a few minute later go out the sun.  This is the perfect weather for my.  About the sunny.. It’s so hot, I hate it!!
However, I choose the spring like my favorite season, because it not so could, and not so hot. This is the balance of all of the seasons. I have to recognize that the trees looks very well with colors of the flowers, and the garden are beautiful too. Finally I think that each of the seasons have a good things, and thanks that there are many and various!

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