jueves, 12 de abril de 2012

(part of my life)

All started in September in 1992 when I was born. I live in Santiago with my parents, and I have a brother who is one year older than me, Mauricio. My brother was very jealous and we fought a lot. With time my parents had another baby and he is my little brother, Juan Luis. So, I’m the one in the middle, and the only woman. In some cases this is good, but most of the cases I have to be like a mother with them.

When I was a little girl I practiced Artistic Gymnastic, and I wanted to be a professional (but I’m here, studying psychology… and it`s not so bad).  I was at Carmela Carvajal School (like teacher Daniela). In the school I played Volleyball and I was a sports person. The last year I was  going to another university, but as you know I’m here now and I’m very happy.
I’ have two dogs, Perla (who is the mother), and Betina (the daughter). Both are very beautiful and friendly.

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  1. hi barbara, this is my second university too, so dont feel lonely about it xD